General Development: A Long-Term Client

For over 35 years, NFE has provided civil engineering and land surveying services to over 100 projects for General Development Company (GDC). GDC is one of the largest technology/industrial developers in Michigan that offers full-service real estate development.

In 2010, Oakland Technology Park was purchased by GDC and Friedman Real Estate with GDC serving as the property’s developer for the 211 acres. Oakland Technology Park is located off of I-75 in Auburn Hills, and is heavily wooded with wetland areas. NFE provided site plans and landscape design as well as tree surveys and storm water management for the following state-of-the-art manufacturing developments at Oakland Technology Park:

The completed Henniges and Fauercia developments.

  • Henniges Automotive North America development on 14.647 acres with a building footprint of 54,435 square feet.
  • Fauercia development on 43.37 acres with a building footprint of 170,250 square feet of office and 107,750 square feet of shop/warehouse.

The completed Atlas Copco and Hirotec developments.

  • Atlas Copco development on 14.63 acres with a building footprint of 120,000 square feet.
  • Hirotec America development on 19.85 acres with a building footprint of 42,000 square feet of office space and 174,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

The completed Hutchinson and INCOE developments.

  • Hutchinson North America development on 5.5 acres with a building footprint of 60,500 square feet.
  • INCOE Corporation World Headquarters development on 15.36 acres with a building footprint of 135,000 square feet.

The completed Hino Motors development.

In addition to Oakland Technology Park, NFE has provided engineering services on numerous GDC projects throughout Southeast Michigan. Of notable mention, is the Hino Motors development in Novi. This project was completed in 2018 and was a difficult design where work had to be done around regulated wetlands and woodlands as well as significant grade change to make the project work. Additional permits were required from MDEQ and RCOC.

Construction of the retaining wall for the Fanuc development in October 2018.

Our latest project for GDC is for a high-tech robotics development in Auburn Hills for Fanuc America Corp. This 461,000-square-foot facility is next to its headquarters in Rochester Hills. Due to the 25-acre site being heavily wooded, mass grading and a retention wall was required. The development will be completed November 2019.

NFE is proud of our work with GDC and bringing new manufacturing developments to Oakland Technology Park as well as other areas. For more information on any of these projects or for your next industrial development, please contact Pat Williams at 248-332-7931 or