NFE Welcomes Ten Summer Interns

In the month of May, NFE welcomed ten interns who are joining us for the summer from the universities of Alabama, Lawrence Tech, Michigan State, Michigan Tech, Tennessee-Martin and Wayne State. Nine interns are studying civil engineering, and one is studying both electrical and computer engineering. Eight will be splitting their time in the field as construction inspectors and mapping surveys using AutoCAD in-house. The other two interns will be helping out in our Surveying Department, going out with surveying crews as team members. Hopefully, this group will learn a thing or two over the summer and have some fun.

Joshua Bauer is studying civil engineering at Lawrence Tech and will start his junior year in the fall. He chose this field because he is passionate about the environment and likes how civil engineers have a big impact on the sustainability of the earth. Joshua plays hockey for Lawrence Tech and enjoys the small class sizes and the hands-on teaching approach there. He chose to intern this summer at NFE because of its smaller size and the variety of projects we work on. Joshua enjoys the outdoors and likes to kayak, fish and hike when he is not studying.

Everhett Biland will be helping out this summer in our Surveying Department. In the fall, he will be a junior at Michigan Tech, majoring in civil engineering. Since a young age, Everhett has had a fascination with infrastructure and sustainability. This led him he worked in construction and choose to study civil engineering in college. His dream job is to be a chief engineer on sustainability projects when the focus of engineering shifts from lowest cost/fastest build-time to more sustainable practices. Everhett is in the ROTC program at Michigan Tech, and loves to run, fish and be outdoors in his spare time.

Matthew Carter is a returning intern from the University of Alabama; he also interned with us last summer. He will graduate this December with a major in civil engineering and a minor in transportation. Matthew picked this field because he enjoys designing projects and likes having the ability to spend time in the field during construction. He returned to NFE because of the great staff members who were helpful and supportive, and he enjoyed the work he was assigned to last year and the challenges it brought. His home is in Long Island, New York, and he enjoys boating and fishing.

Brendan Gardner goes to Michigan Tech and is returning for his second summer internship with us. He is majoring in civil engineering and plans on graduating in 2020. Brendan chose Michigan Tech for its reputation as the top engineering school in Michigan, high hiring rate, smaller size and location up north. He chose this major because he has always admired the construction industry and would like to be behind the design process. After graduation, Brendan would like to design layout for mass transit systems. Brendan enjoys skiing, golf, driving around, hanging with friends and seeing new places.

David Goschka is starting his second summer internship with us. David is majoring in civil engineering from Michigan Tech and plans on graduating this December. One summer while attending Delta College before transferring to Michigan Tech, David worked for the Saginaw County Mosquito Control where he surveyed flood sights and installed drainage systems. This experience got him interested in pursuing a career in civil engineering. David chose to do another internship with NFE because he enjoyed the types of projects he worked on last summer. In his spare time, David enjoys golf, skiing, hunting and fishing.

Aaron Hoorn is majoring in civil and environmental engineering from Wayne State University, and plans on graduating this December. After graduation, Aaron plans on taking his FE exam, pursue a master’s degree and start working full-time as an engineer. He chose to intern at NFE to gain field experience in surveying and inspection, and to learn more about AutoCAD and the design process. Aaron is a high school wrestling coach, and likes camping, hiking, playing games and spending time with his family when he is not in school.

Cameron Michals is a returning intern from last summer and is helping out again in our Surveying Department. He is majoring in both electrical engineering and computer engineering at Michigan Tech, and plans on graduating in 2021. Cameron chose Michigan Tech because it’s one of the best engineering schools in Michigan, plus it’s really beautiful up there. After graduation, he would like to work for SpaceX. He returned to NFE because he likes to work outdoors and it helps that his dad is a survey crew chief. During his spare time, he enjoys fishing, hunting and soccer.

Al Michels attends Michigan State University and is majoring in civil engineering. He will be starting his fifth year in the fall and plans on graduating in May 2020. Al picked Michigan State because it’s a large school where he can meet lots of people, and of course, for their great engineering program. He is studying civil engineering because he wants to be in the construction field while also being able to design. Al chose NFE to do an internship with because he will get both field and office experience. He enjoys sports and hanging out with his friends in his spare time.

Ryan Robinette is in the civil engineering program at Lawrence Tech. He will be a senior in the fall and plans on graduating in December 2020. Ryan chose Lawrence Tech for its great engineering program, and he was recruited to play baseball. His dream job is playing in the MLB, but if that doesn’t pan out, he would like a civil engineering job in Michigan where he works both in the field and office. He chose to do an internship with NFE because we offered a variety of field/office learning opportunities. He likes playing baseball, fishing and relaxing with family.

Jacalyn Schubring just finished her second year at the University of Tennessee at Martin, majoring in civil engineering. She selected that school because she was recruited for soccer and because its engineering program is one of the top programs in Tennessee. Jacalyn enjoys designing and is good at math, so civil engineering was a perfect fit for her. Someday she would like to be a project manager or have a top position with the National Park system. She chose NFE because the internship will touch on almost every aspect of civil engineering. She likes to play soccer, paint and is into photography.

NFE is privileged to have such hard working, talented interns for the summer.