NFE Welcomes Ten Summer Interns

Last year, during the shut-down due to the pandemic, NFE wasn’t able to have a full crew of summer interns. Thank goodness this year is different. In the month of May, we welcomed ten interns who are joining us for the summer from the universities of Michigan State, Michigan Tech, Lawrence Tech and Wayne State. Nine interns are studying civil engineering and one is studying environmental engineering. All interns will be splitting their time in the field as construction inspectors, and in the office, mapping surveys using AutoCAD. Hopefully, this group will learn a thing or two over the summer and have some fun.

Ben Champine is studying civil engineering at Michigan State University and will start his senior year in the fall. He chose Michigan State because it’s a great engineering school and he gets the “Big Ten” college atmosphere. His dream job is to be a structural engineer working in residential or commercial construction. Ben chose to intern at NFE to have exposure in both the field and office and learn about the industry. He is from Rochester, and in his free time, he enjoys working out, watching sports and hanging out with his friends.

David Deman just finished his second year at Wayne State University, studying civil engineering. He will be a junior in the fall and plans on graduating in the spring of 2023. David chose Wayne State because he has family members that went there and it is close to his hometown of Troy. He chose to intern at NFE to learn more about construction engineering, and in the future, would like to design and manage construction projects. David’s goals are to eventually get his master’s degree and obtain a PE license. He enjoys botany and gardening as well as hiking in the Upper Peninsula.

Lindsey Gawthrop goes to Michigan State University and in the fall will be a junior in the civil engineering program. She chose this major because she likes to design and implement new structures and buildings. Her dream job is doing any kind of work outside and getting paid for it, specifically a park ranger at a national park. Lindsey hopes to gain new experience in engineering inspection and design this summer. In her spare time, she likes to read, rollerblade, spend time with her friends and family, and play with her puppy Rosie.

Lexi Gross will be a sophomore in the fall at Michigan Tech majoring in civil engineering. She chose to go into civil engineering because she liked the idea of being able to build up the crucial systems within communities while also keeping them safe. Her dream job would consist of working both in the office and out in the field that is why she choice the internship at NFE this summer. After graduation, Lexi wants to take a few months to travel to find an area she would like to settle in and get a job. She likes to be outdoors as much as she can.

Willy Houser is majoring in civil engineering from Michigan Tech and will be a sophomore in the fall. He chose Michigan Tech because it is regarded as a great engineering school. After graduation, he would like to work for a contractor or civil engineering company. After completing his first year of school, Willy chose to intern this summer at NFE for the experience of working both in the office learning CAD and outside inspecting in the field. He enjoys golf, working out, playing lacrosse or really doing almost anything outdoors.

Wyatt Koetsier just finished his second year at Lawrence Tech, majoring in civil engineering. He decided to become an engineer back in the 5th grade after designing a simple machine for a school project; he liked seeing his design come to life. After graduation, Wyatt would like to have the American Dream – family, kids, nice house, nice car – along with a job in the civil engineering field where he gets to design. After going through his options for the summer, he decided an internship at NFE would be a good fit for him even though he is driving from Westland. Wyatt likes to bowl, hang out with friends and travel.

Dylan Lane is in the environmental engineering program at Michigan Tech, and was with us last summer as an intern. He will be a junior in the fall and plans on graduating in December 2023. Dylan chose Michigan Tech for its hands-on engineering focus and its well-known Civil and Environmental Departments, as well as being drawn in by the ski hill and biking trails. He chose environment engineering to make the world a healthier place to live in. His dream job is to start a waste management firm in Central America and have it become successful and grow.

Mason Liagre is studying civil engineering from Wayne State University, and will start his third year of study in the fall. He chose Wayne State because it was recommended to him by a successful civil engineer, has a good reputation, and is close to his hometown of Grosse Pointe Woods. Mason chose this field because he believes the U.S. needs better infrastructure. After graduation, he would like to work as a civil engineer on sustainable projects, eventually designing public transit, such as high-speed rail. Mason enjoys building things with wood or Legos and reading.

Sabrina Nystrom just finished her third year at Michigan Tech, majoring in civil engineering. She selected that school because it has a wonderful civil engineering program, professors are approachable, student body is active and friendly, and as a musician, she loves the Pep band. Sabrina doesn’t have a specific dream job in mind, but after graduation, would like a job that she enjoys, keeps her busy, and also where she has the option/ability to start a family. After the job fair at Michigan Tech, she knew NFE was the size of company and the kind of people she wanted to work with.

Kory Saleski attends Wayne State University and is majoring in civil engineering. He will be starting his third year in the fall and will graduate May 2022. Kory picked Wayne State because it gives him the opportunity to gain an education while being involved with the growth of Detroit, and he chose the civil engineering field due to his fascination with bridges and skyscrapers. Kory decided to intern this summer at NFE because of NFE’s willingness to train interns and to let them experience all levels of being a civil engineer.

NFE is privileged to have 10 hard-working, talented interns this summer.

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