Condominium and Subdivision Platting

NFE is an expert in the process of condominium and subdivision platting. Our Condominium and Subdivision Platting Department consists of an experienced team of professional surveyors and a department plat manager who are familiar with recording requirements and procedures for all communities in the Southeast Michigan area. We provide in-house services for field measuring interior building spaces for condominium conversions, and provide boundary and exterior measurement services when needed.

Condominium projects come in many shapes and sizes ranging from a simple residential duplex to a complex mixed-use, 3-dimensional “airspace” condominium. Recently new concepts and creative ways of subdividing real estate have made condominiums a popular choice for development. Our Condominium and Subdivision Platting Department works with our clients and their legal counsel to develop a sound strategy for subdivision properties, providing clear, concise, quality documents to meet community, county and state requirements. In addition, our staff can prepare Subdivision Final Plats and Amended Plats, if needed, by a circuit court order.

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