Maple Road Resurfacing

Maple Road Resurfacing

The City of Birmingham contracted with NFE for the resurfacing of Maple Road from Cranbrook Road to Southfield Road. This 1.29 mile stretch of Maple Road was last resurfaced in 1998, and was in poor condition. The City obtained a federal grant to pay for 80% of the cost, and this was an MDOT 3R project. As part of the work, new ADA compliant ramps were installed, as well as concrete curb and sewer repair improvements. Also, Maple Road underwent a “road diet” on the final striping phase from a four-lane road to a three-lane road (designated turn-lane) that received great public scrutiny and yet positive success.

NFE was lead consultant and provided a wide range of services, including right-of-way and topographic surveys, engineering plans, construction administration (both office and field), construction staking, and as-builts surveys of construction utilities.

Construction was completed in two phases. The first phase focused on handicap ramps and local street approach repairs. The second phase was for the actual resurfacing of the road that required complete road closure.

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City of Madison Heights R-2 Residential Street Repair Program

Since 1979, NFE has continuously served as municipal engineer for the City of Madison Heights. We have provided the City with civil engineering, surveying, consulting and administration services for numerous road reconstruction, sectional road replacement and infrastructure improvement projects.

From 1997 to 2007, NFE worked with the City on a voter approved Ten Year Residential Street Repair Program (R-1) that was drastically needed to repair neighborhood roads and water main that were constructed 40 to 50 years ago.

Due to the success of the R-1 program, the residents unanimously approved a second Ten Year Residential Street Repair Program (R-2). This program provided over $17 million of new revenue to continue replacing failed residential streets and upgrading original water, sanitary and storm infrastructure.

During the R-2 program from 2007 to 2017, NFE provided right-of-way and topographic surveys, engineering construction documents including plans and specifications, advertising and bidding, construction administration, construction layout and staking, and as-built surveys for 46 streets and/or street segments. This included over 43,962 linear feet or 8.33 miles of new pavement, 40,100 linear feet of new water main and 9,500 linear feet of new storm sewer.

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Pierce and Merrill Streets Paving and Streetscape Improvements

NFE provided the City of Birmingham with surveying and civil engineering services for the 1.12-mile concrete roadway reconstruction project of Pierce Street and Merrill Street in downtown Birmingham.

The roadway reconstruction project included water main, combined sewer and storm drain utility upgrades, and streetscape improvements. The streetscape improvements included sawcut concrete sidewalk, exposed aggregate sidewalk, and upgrades to street lighting, all in coordination with the improvements previously made in the downtown streets surrounding City Hall and Shain Park four years before.

NFE was lead consultant and provided a wide range of services. Preliminary engineering included right-of-way and topographic surveying, and preparation of roadway construction plans and specifications. Construction engineering included construction layout and construction staking. Post construction engineering included as-built surveying of constructed utilities and associated updates to the utility mapping on the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

The project was selected for the 2013 American Public Works Association (APWA) Detroit Metro Branch Award in the Transportation Category, less than $5 million Division. Also, it was awarded the 2013 Michigan Concrete Association Award of Excellence in the Urban Arterials category.

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