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Maple Road Resurfacing

Maple Road Resurfacing

The City of Birmingham contracted with NFE for the resurfacing of Maple Road from Cranbrook Road to Southfield Road. This 1.29 mile stretch of Maple Road was last resurfaced in 1998, and was in poor condition. The City obtained a federal grant to pay for 80% of the cost, and this was an MDOT 3R project. As part of the work, new ADA compliant ramps were installed, as well as concrete curb and sewer repair improvements. Also, Maple Road underwent a “road diet” on the final striping phase from a four-lane road to a three-lane road (designated turn-lane) that received great public scrutiny and yet positive success.

NFE was lead consultant and provided a wide range of services, including right-of-way and topographic surveys, engineering plans, construction administration (both office and field), construction staking, and as-builts surveys of construction utilities.

Construction was completed in two phases. The first phase focused on handicap ramps and local street approach repairs. The second phase was for the actual resurfacing of the road that required complete road closure.

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Heartland Healthcare New Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers

HCR ManorCare is a national provider of healthcare centers specializing in short-term and long-term nursing and rehabilitation services. The healthcare centers operate under the name of Heartland in the state of Michigan. HCR ManorCare has been a client of NFE since the 1990’s.

NFE provided professional land surveying, civil engineering and landscape architecture services for the new centers in the cities of Sterling Heights, Canton, Flushing and Troy. Most of the facilities are two-story buildings, and are landscaped with inviting outdoor environments per the landscape architecture plans by NFE. NFE was responsible for all civil engineering plans, including demolition, paving/grading, utility, storm drainage, soil erosion control, sanitary sewer and water main. Construction documents were also provided for the civil engineering portions of each center.

Other services have included civil engineering for additions to existing centers in Sterling Heights, Allen Park, and two in West Bloomfield. NFE also has provided numerous site analysis and infrastructure evaluations on properties that in the end HCR ManorCare chose not to develop.

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Flex-N-Gate Manufacturing Facility Development

Flex-N-Gate is a leading manufacturer and supplier of components for the automotive industry. The company purchased a 30-acre plot of land on Detroit’s east side with plans to build a manufacturing facility to supply automotive parts to Ford Motor Company. This parcel of land is a part of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s I-94 Industrial Corridor Park, for which NFE previously provided ALTA/NSPS land title surveys, topographic surveys, underground utility surveys and other consulting services.

Under the ownership of Flex-N-Gate, NFE performed additional surveying services to complete a comprehensive boundary and topographic survey to support the development of the 480,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Additionally, NFE was retained by the IBI Group, architect for the project, to perform site planning and prepare construction drawings for all proposed site infrastructure required for the full development of the site, including utility relocation, sewer relocations, paving and grading, water main and landscape design. NFE also provided construction assistance throughout the construction process, including construction layout for three different contractors.

Ground breaking for the facility was on April 24, 2017 with construction completed in October 2018. The manufacturing facility is big part of Detroit’s growing I-94 Industrial Park and is attracting more manufacturing jobs back to the City.

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Du Charme Place Apartments New Lifestyle Community

Du Charme Place, located in Detroit’s historic Lafayette Park, is a new apartment development, and the neighborhood’s first new lifestyle community in over 40 years. NFE provided professional land surveying and civil engineering services for the development. The work comprised of ALTA, boundary and topographic surveys; demolition plan; site plan; paving and utility design; soil erosion plan; and construction documents.

The development features four buildings with a total of 185 luxury apartments that border a second-story courtyard area with a walking path and nearby pool. All four buildings stand three stories tall atop a first-floor garage/lobby area.

NFE provided construction staking and layout services for the development, and also consulted with the construction and design teams helping to resolve construction issues that arose during the building process.

NFE is proud to have been the land surveyor and civil engineer of record for this residential development that honors the integrity of Lafayette Park and its history.

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Chimney Hill Condominium Improvements

Chimney Hill is a residential development in West Bloomfield Township, consisting of 142 privately-owned condominiums. The development was constructed 30 years ago, and the roads within the complex were experiencing cracking and breakage due to distress and water drainage issues. The residents petitioned the Charter Township of West Bloomfield through a Special Assessment District (SAD) to complete roadway and drainage improvements for Chimney Hill Drive, which is a private circle drive winding through the development.

West Bloomfield Township contracted with NFE to provide civil engineering and surveying services for the Chimney Hill Drive project. In addition, the Chimney Hill Condominium Association contracted with NFE to provide civil engineering and surveying services for water drainage issues, as well as rehabilitate parking areas, repave the boulevard entrance and improve the clubhouse entry area.

For both projects, NFE provided topographic surveys, utility inspection and investigation, engineering design documents, construction layout, both office and site construction administration, and as-builts. Engineering plans included demolition, road design, staging plans, storm drainage improvements, and soil erosion and sediment control. The result was multifaceted for the residents of Chimney Hill. They now have a new entrance to the complex, smooth roads to travel on, new parking areas, new club house entry, and most importantly, no standing water due to drainage issues.

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Central Michigan University New Graduate Housing

From the outset, Central Michigan University mandated LEED certification and green building measures as part of a campus-wide initiative. The project for new graduate housing featured several sustainable building techniques, including porous concrete paving in new parking facilities and a centralized rain garden as a stormwater treatment and conveyance device.

NFE was tasked with and directly responsible for stormwater management and design, sanitary and water routing, grading, pavement design, tree preservation, landscape architecture, irrigation design and erosion control measures. NFE’s services were coordinated with project architect Neumann/Smith Architecture and other consultants.

With the use of native plantings requiring less irrigation and minimal long-term maintenance, coupled with locally sourced materials and an energy-efficient building design, the project far exceeded expectations and earned LEED Platinum certification.

This successful project is an example of the quality of work, attention to detail and practical experience that NFE brings to every project. Successfully and harmoniously blending into the existing campus, one of the first University-owned housing facilities in the Midwest with a Platinum rating represents a template for future building projects on campus.

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2012 Downspout Disconnection Program

NFE provided the City of Pontiac with preliminary engineering and construction engineering for the administration of this roof drain and downspout disconnection project throughout the City of Pontiac. The purpose of the project was to reduce wet weather flows in the City’s sanitary sewer collection system and at the City’s wastewater treatment plant by rerouting roof drains connected to the sanitary sewer to an approved storm drainage outlet. Because this project was instrumental in eliminating or reducing the severity of sanitary sewer overflows (SSO) to the Clinton River at the City’s wastewater plant, it was approved for Surface Water Quality Initiative Funds (SWQIF) from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).

Preliminary engineering services included: assisting the City in the preparation of the SWQIF Project Plan and Funding Documentation for approval by the MDEQ; identifying buildings in the City with roof drains connected to the sanitary sewer through visual inspection, smoke testing and dye testing; and preparing plans, specifications and proposal documents for bidding in accordance with Michigan Department of Environmental Quality requirements.

Construction engineering services included: contract administration, construction engineering supervision, construction/technical observation (inspection), construction layout and construction staking, on-site quality control and material testing, preparation of pay estimates, preparation and evaluation of punch list work, final inspection, review of documentation for final payment, and recommendation for final acceptance of project in accordance with Michigan Department of Environmental Quality guidelines and requirements.

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Sterling Heights Neighborhood Park Improvements

The City of Sterling Heights has five major parks and 26 neighbor parks. In November 2016, the residents of Sterling Heights passed the Recreating Recreation millage to fund approximately $45 million in proposed parks and recreation improvements.

Dorchen/Martin Associates was chosen by the City to provide architecture and planning services for its park improvements. Dorchen/Martin in turn contracted with NFE to provide civil engineering and land surveying services.

The first round of parks to get improvements included six neighborhood parks. NFE’s scope of work for each park included topographic surveys, engineering site plans, soil erosion control plans, construction staking, construction administration and inspection services during construction. The following is a listing of the six parks and the improvements made:

  • Hadley Park - Resurfaced paths and new play structure
  • Imus Park – New road from Dodge Park Road, new sidewalks, resurfaced paths and resurfaced athletic courts
  • Chappelle Park – New sled hill, new play structure, new pavilion and resurfaced paths
  • Hampton Park – New parking lot, resurfaced athletic courts, new play structure, new pavilion and resurfaced paths
  • Washington Square Park – Resurfaced athletic courts, new pavilion, new play structure and resurfaced paths
  • Delia Park - Resurfaced tennis courts

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S. Troy Street Parking Lot & DDA Streetscape Improvements

The City of Royal Oak – Engineering Department contracted with NFE to provide land surveying, engineering design, and construction engineering services for the South Troy Street Parking Lot and Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Streetscape Improvements project. The project called for adding 90 parking spaces on the city-owned land at the corner of South Troy and Third Street, just south of the Farmers Market, along with streetscape improvements on 11 Mile and South Troy.

The scope of work included underground storm water detention system, concrete curb installation, HMA pavement, concrete sidewalks, ADA sidewalk ramps, and decorative streetscape plan in accordance with the City of Royal Oak’s design standards. The streetscape plans included new street lights, ornamental street trees, irrigation and pavers.

The project was completed in late August 2015 just in time for the Arts, Beats and Eats festival on Labor Day weekend.

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Royal Oak Schools Surveying and Site Development

NFE performed professional engineering and surveying services for more than six of Royal Oak Schools District’s facilities. Most of the projects included boundary and topographical surveys, along with site engineering. The facilities included:

  • Keller Elementary School – Boundary and Topographical Survey (2015)
  • Churchill Community Education Center – Boundary and Topographical Survey (2015)
  • Royal Oak Middle School – Boundary and Topographical Survey (2013)
  • Royal Oak High School – Boundary and Topographical Survey (2013)
  • Longfellow Elementary School – Survey and Site Engineering (2008)
  • Lincoln Elementary School – Survey and Site Engineering (2006)

A number of surveys were performed to section land for new developments. NFE was retained by a number of private developers that purchased land parceled off from the Royal Oak School District.

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Right-Turn Lane Improvements at Brewster & Butler Roads

As part of Rochester Hills 2016-2021 Capital Improvement Plan for street improvements, the City of Rochester Hills contracted with NFE to provide right-turn lane improvements for both Brewster and Butler roads. Each road was experiencing traffic congestion and back-up delays. NFE’s scope of work for each project included field investigation, surveying, engineering plans, and both office and field construction administration services. A tree survey was conducted for each site, identifying the species and condition.

The work for Brewster Road included the extension of the existing right-turn lane from Brewster Road onto Walton Boulevard. Improvements included asphalt pathway removal and replacement, ADA walking path improvements, asphalt placements, updated signage, minor utility improvements, and associated project restoration.

The work for Butler Road included the installation of a new dedicated right-turn lane from Butler Road onto southbound Adams Road along with widening of the Butler/Adams road intersection. Improvements included tree removal, walkway upgrades, minor utility improvements, asphalt placements, ADA walking path improvements, new ADA ramp installation, updated signage, and associated project restoration.

Construction on both projects started at the end of April 2016 and were completed the end of June 2016. Both projects were a success and turning right at each intersection was less of a hassle for travelers.

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Paint Creek Trail Surveying Services

NFE was retained by the Paint Creek Trailways Commission to perform a boundary survey of the entire 7.5-mile reach of the Paint Creek Trail. This historical corridor was plagued with encroachment issues from neighboring properties where some residents built improvements within the trail right-of-way to improve their access to the trail and accentuate their use. Unfortunately, these improvements detracted from the rural character of the trail and promoted inconsistent aesthetics for trail users.

After much deliberation, the Trailways Commission retained the services of NFE to perform a boundary survey of their property and to determine the extent of the various encroachment onto the Paint Creek Trail. In completing this task, NFE identified 60 property encroachments onto the trail.

Once the encroachments were determined, NFE assisted the Trailways Commission in resolving the various property disputes. In particular, NFE attended multiple public hearings, prepared presentation graphics, met with various property owners and representative surveyors/attorneys, and assisted the Trailways Commission attorneys through the arduous task of resolving these encroachments.

In the end, NFE successfully assisted in resolving all 60 property disputes without court action being required. This was in large part do to the thorough and detailed survey NFE prepared which stood up to many inquires and scrutiny from other surveying professionals retained by multiple property owners.

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