City of Royal Oak E. Fourth Street Corridor Upgrade

The City of Royal Oak contracted with NFE to provide land surveying, engineering design and construction engineering services for the East Fourth Street Corridor Upgrade from Main Street to Campbell Road project. The project was funded by both the DDA and CDBG for streetscape expansions. The City felt Fourth Street need streetscape improvements to spur investment and make the street connect more with the downtown area.

Construction engineering services included the preparation of contract bid documents, construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates. The scope of work included:

  • Lighting system replacement and upgrades for decorative street lights
  • Sidewalk and curb replacement with decorative concrete sidewalk and new curbs and gutter
  • ADA ramp improvements
  • Landscape upgrades for ornamental trees and tree grates, along with a tree irrigation system
  • Parking lot removal and reconfiguration in median between Kayser Avenue and Alexandra Avenue
  • Rain garden installation to improve storm water management within parking lot
  • Public art installation
  • Traffic control plan for maintaining traffic during construction

The result was a successful corridor improvement project that connected Fourth Street visually and physically to the downtown area.

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City of Madison Heights R-2 Residential Street Repair Program

Since 1979, NFE has continuously served as municipal engineer for the City of Madison Heights. We have provided the City with civil engineering, surveying, consulting and administration services for numerous road reconstruction, sectional road replacement and infrastructure improvement projects.

From 1997 to 2007, NFE worked with the City on a voter approved Ten Year Residential Street Repair Program (R-1) that was drastically needed to repair neighborhood roads and water main that were constructed 40 to 50 years ago.

Due to the success of the R-1 program, the residents unanimously approved a second Ten Year Residential Street Repair Program (R-2). This program provided over $17 million of new revenue to continue replacing failed residential streets and upgrading original water, sanitary and storm infrastructure.

During the R-2 program from 2007 to 2017, NFE provided right-of-way and topographic surveys, engineering construction documents including plans and specifications, advertising and bidding, construction administration, construction layout and staking, and as-built surveys for 46 streets and/or street segments. This included over 43,962 linear feet or 8.33 miles of new pavement, 40,100 linear feet of new water main and 9,500 linear feet of new storm sewer.

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Wilderness State Park Lakeshore Campground Master Plan

NFE, in collaboration with Land Design Studio, was retained by the State of Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to conduct a comprehensive study, design and construction administration services for the redevelopment of Wilderness State Park’s Lakeshore Campground.

The campground is located in Carp Lake Township on the pristine shoreline of Lake Michigan approximately 20 miles west of Mackinaw City. The existing campground was developed in the early 1950’s and serves a very loyal group of repeat visitors who enjoy camping on the shore of Lake Michigan. It is considered one of Michigan’s most valuable resources, but needed redevelopment to meet the demands of today’s 21st Century campers and recreation enthusiasts.

NFE designed the Master Plan in close collaboration with the DTMB and DNR. Environmental factors were taken into careful consideration on all aspects of the design. On-site and on-line surveys were utilized to gather information from users and were helpful in deciding where to concentrate resources. Upon completion, the entire Lakeshore Campground was fully redeveloped complete with new utility and electrical infrastructure.

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West Bloomfield Civic Center & Public Library Parking Lot Reconstruction

NFE provided full design and construction administration services on this $1,800,000 parking lot reconstruction project that included the full reconstruction of the existing pavement system for this 643-vehicle parking lot.

This facility was unique in that it was heavily used as the Township’s main campus including their Parks & Recreation Department, Library, Police Station and Town Hall. The entire facility is served by a “dead end” roadway which presented many challenges as it related to construction staging. The project was constructed utilizing full depth reclamation (FDR) for pavement base and also included irrigation improvements, lighting improvements, vehicle charging station, landscape improvements and security system improvements. The work occurred while existing facilities remained in use, and required careful staging plans and coordination.

It was determined through careful examination of the site and geotechnical results that the entire existing parking facilities should be pulverized. This resulted in the ability to construct proper pavement slopes and improve site drainage, a tremendous upgrade from the pre-existing condition. In addition to the above, and recognizing the significant investment undertaken by the owner, NFE recommended, and the owner implemented, a sewer condition assessment. It was discovered that multiple repairs to the system were required. Repairs to the sewer system were made in advance of paving, effectively preserving the newly constructed pavement. This project was completed on time and within the owner’s prescribed budget.

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Statewide State Parks Utility Study & Implementation

NFE was retained by the State of Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to conduct a comprehensive study, design evaluation and construction implementation of below ground sewer and water systems at eight state parks, including:

  • Burt Lake State Park
  • Petosky State Park
  • Mitchell State Park
  • Seven Lakes State Park
  • Otsego Lake State Park
  • Ionia State Park
  • Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area
  • Hayes State Park

The overall goal of the Statewide Utility Study and Implementation project was to evaluate each park’s existing ground water and sewer infrastructure; make recommendations for short-term and long-term solutions; provide preliminary layouts and cost for proposed upgrades, repairs and improvements; and finally implement the construction portion of the proposal. Specifically, NFE focused on water wells, water distribution systems, sanitary systems, lagoons, septic systems, barrier-free access and site drainage.

Each park project was successfully completed within, or under, budget and schedule.

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Statewide State Park Campgrounds Electrical System Analysis Study

NFE was retained by the State of Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB) and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to conduct a comprehensive study and evaluation of the campground electrical systems at eight state parks, including:

  • Baraga State Park
  • Petosky State Park
  • Traverse City State Park
  • Sleepy Hollow State Park
  • Lakeport State Park
  • Muskallonge Lake State Park
  • Rifle River State Recreation Area
  • Yankee Springs Recreation Area

The overall goal of the statewide electrical system study and implementation was to evaluate each park’s existing electrical infrastructure, make recommendations for short-term and long-term solutions, and provide preliminary layouts and cost for proposed campground electrical systems. Specifically, NFE focused on public electrical services, transformers, distribution panels, electrical pedestals, controls for pump and utility systems, building systems (circuit panels), electrical distribution systems and barrier-free access. NFE provided DTMB and DNR with a detailed program allowing the DNR Parks and Recreation Division to make prudent reinvestment decisions.

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Pierce and Merrill Streets Paving and Streetscape Improvements

NFE provided the City of Birmingham with surveying and civil engineering services for the 1.12-mile concrete roadway reconstruction project of Pierce Street and Merrill Street in downtown Birmingham.

The roadway reconstruction project included water main, combined sewer and storm drain utility upgrades, and streetscape improvements. The streetscape improvements included sawcut concrete sidewalk, exposed aggregate sidewalk, and upgrades to street lighting, all in coordination with the improvements previously made in the downtown streets surrounding City Hall and Shain Park four years before.

NFE was lead consultant and provided a wide range of services. Preliminary engineering included right-of-way and topographic surveying, and preparation of roadway construction plans and specifications. Construction engineering included construction layout and construction staking. Post construction engineering included as-built surveying of constructed utilities and associated updates to the utility mapping on the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS).

The project was selected for the 2013 American Public Works Association (APWA) Detroit Metro Branch Award in the Transportation Category, less than $5 million Division. Also, it was awarded the 2013 Michigan Concrete Association Award of Excellence in the Urban Arterials category.

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