Cass Avenue Resurfacing (Woodward Avenue to Dixie Highway)

NFE is prequalified in numerous construction, design and survey categories through MDOT. With these pre-qualifications, NFE has successfully assisted local municipalities with implementing and constructing over 50 MDOT funded projects in the past 10 years. In addition, NFE has provided services directly to MDOT for roadway construction engineering projects. One of the projects was Cass Avenue Resurfacing from Woodward Avenue to Dixie Highway in Pontiac.

Cass Avenue Resurfacing was a 3R project where the existing asphalt pavement was rehabilitated. The overall construction cost was $2,000,000. This project was completed on time and within the established budget for the project despite some very significant changes in existing conditions. The original design intent was to complete patch repairs of existing exposed concrete areas, and complete Detail 7 and Detail 8 HMA repairs in areas where existing HMA overlaid concrete pavement was; however, when milling work was completed, it was discovered that the existing concrete pavement under the HMA was in significantly deteriorated condition. This caused a substantial amount of field re-design for NFE to keep the project within the prescribed funding amount.

Overall the project was successfully completed in 2010. NFE performed all services required for full construction engineering and project closeout procedures as established by MDOT.

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