Clear for Landing – NFE Successfully Completes Roscommon Conservation Airport Runway Renovation

In October 2019, Nowak & Fraus Engineers was awarded the contract for the design and construction administration of the Roscommon Conservation Airport Runway Renovation project by the Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB), on behalf of the DNR.

NFE began design work on the $1.3 million project in February 2020, however due to the impacts of COVID-19, the project faced a temporary delay. Despite that setback, the State of Michigan and NFE were able to see the project to completion, in the summer of 2021.

For this project, the NFE team provided topographic survey, geotechnical investigation, and construction documents, including civil and electrical design work. Preliminary engineering included data gathering, horizontal and vertical alignment adjustments and construction cost estimating. Final design included all runway grading and cross sections, lighting design and the final bid document package preparation.

Testing Engineers and Consultants, completed the geotechnical work and Matrix Engineering, completed the electrical design.

During the construction phase, NFE demonstrated its commitment to the environment and cost savings.  NFE worked closely with the contractor to adjust paving cross sections and grading to make the best use of existing materials beneath the existing pavement. Not only did this allow for the recycling of materials, but it also provided a cost savings.

The original runway surface included approximately 2” of asphalt on sand. The revised NFE cross section provided for 4” of new asphalt on the recycled aggregate base. In addition, new FAA approved lighting was installed, and this system included a remote receiver to allow operation from the sky. This new section and lighting should allow for a long service life and provide options for servicing heavier aircraft in the future.

NFE adds this project to our long history of providing exceptional design and construction administration services, to the Michigan DNR.

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