West Bloomfield Civic Center & Public Library Parking Lot Reconstruction

NFE provided full design and construction administration services on this $1,800,000 parking lot reconstruction project that included the full reconstruction of the existing pavement system for this 643-vehicle parking lot.

This facility was unique in that it was heavily used as the Township’s main campus including their Parks & Recreation Department, Library, Police Station and Town Hall. The entire facility is served by a “dead end” roadway which presented many challenges as it related to construction staging. The project was constructed utilizing full depth reclamation (FDR) for pavement base and also included irrigation improvements, lighting improvements, vehicle charging station, landscape improvements and security system improvements. The work occurred while existing facilities remained in use, and required careful staging plans and coordination.

It was determined through careful examination of the site and geotechnical results that the entire existing parking facilities should be pulverized. This resulted in the ability to construct proper pavement slopes and improve site drainage, a tremendous upgrade from the pre-existing condition. In addition to the above, and recognizing the significant investment undertaken by the owner, NFE recommended, and the owner implemented, a sewer condition assessment. It was discovered that multiple repairs to the system were required. Repairs to the sewer system were made in advance of paving, effectively preserving the newly constructed pavement. This project was completed on time and within the owner’s prescribed budget.

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