Construction is Completed on Orchard Lake Road Streetscape Project

West Bloomfield Township contracted with NFE and Land Design Studio to create an aesthetically pleasing streetscape for Orchard Lake Road, the gateway to their community. The improved area runs from the roundabout at 14 Mile Road to just north of Powers Road, including parts of Northwestern Highway at 14 Mile Road and covers 19 traffic islands.

The gateway on Orchard Lake Road near 14 Mile Road and Northwestern Highway features a 25-foot-tall metal sculpture depicting reeds as well as a monument sign that lights up at night and a landscaped earthen mound.

NFE provided land surveying, civil engineering and construction administration services while Land Design Studio was the project designer. Plans were produced through a team effort to meet all of the design considerations of West Bloomfield including the following:

  • Compatibility with Town Center District Design Standards
  • Legibility at 45 MPH
  • Maintaining clear sight lines to buildings and signage
  • Meet design standards of RCOC and MDOT
  •  Long-term maintainability
  • Adaptability of plant material to various urban conditions (i.e., salt tolerance, pollution, poor soil conditions, etc.)
  • Maintaining a safe planting distance from existing and recently installed utilities

NFE had an inspector onsite during construction to oversee all concrete work and plantings.

The landscaping features a “triangle” gateway with an entry sign, custom lighting and artwork by local artist Scott Berels; a new irrigation system that includes sprinklers on automatic timers with a rain sensor unit; the planting of roughly 150 trees, plus thousands of shrubs, grasses and perennials; natural stone placed throughout areas; art panels design at Powers Road intersection; concrete plant bed edging; and concrete sidewalks for crosswalks.

The streetscape covers 19 islands with trees, shrubs, grasses and perennial plantings to beautify each island

Construction was completed on the streetscape in June 2020. The project beautifies the median for those driving, biking or walking as well as enhances and enlivens the business district to the west and east.  NFE and Land Design Studio were proud to partner with West Bloomfield Township on such an important project for the community!

Natural stone was placed throughout the streetscape and two art panel designs were placed on two island close to the Powers Road intersection.
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