The Creation of Clintonville Road Safety Pathway

NFE was selected by Independence Township to provide engineering design and construction administration for a public pathway along Clintonville Road, between Maybee and Waldon roads. This pathway was created to interconnect other pathways within the Township, and the road as it was, was unsafe to walk or bike on due to heavy traffic and wetlands.

These photos show Clintonville’s right-of-way before construction (left) and after construction using a boardwalk for wet areas (right).

Design related tasks included easement acquisition and documentation, MDEQ and local permitting assistance, public meeting participated, and bidding assistance to develop 4,500 feet of 8-foot-wide ADA paved pathway/10-foot boardwalk along the project route. The boardwalk as well as a bridge was needed to bypass swamps, drains and rivers in the area. In addition, the design development process included significant public input and community support.

 The pathway is paved with concrete and asphalt areas (left). A bridge goes over a drain area for the public’s safety (right).

Construction administration services included inspection, material testing, construction staking, and construction management. The pathway is owned and operated by Independence Township and now that it is completed promotes recreation and health activities in a safe way for the area as well as connects with other pathways.

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